Landlord & Tenant

Whether you are renting your first property or manage a wide portfolio of rental properties, Knightsbridge Solicitors can help you through the process.

For Landlords:

Advising on terms of a Tenancy Agreement which includes obligations of landlord and tenants;

When making a tenancy agreement, it’s important to include all the relevant terms, obligations and limitations, such as restrictions on pets and timescales for repair work.

Tenancy agreement drafting;

As litigation experts, we can help you draft a legally binding agreement that will help to protect the rights of both parties whilst minimising confusion and potential conflict.

Drafting an app notice to bring a tenancy Agreement to an end;

If you want to end your current tenancy agreement, we can help you draft an app notice and follow all the relevant rules and regulations to free up your property.

Court proceedings;

If you ever need to take your tenant(s) to court over damages, rent arrears, etc. we can help you prepare your case and get the best possible outcome for your case. We can also assist with mediation, debt collection and other legal processes.

Advice and representation at court proceedings;

Our experienced litigation team are able to advise your case and represent you at trial, so you can get the best possible outcome to your case.

Representation and defence for property disrepair, unlawful eviction and harassment;

Our experienced litigation team are able to advise your case and represent you during court proceedings, so you can defend yourself against accusations commonly levelled at landlords.

For Tenants:

Possessions Proceedings and how to respond i.e. N11B within 14 days of receiving the notice;

If your landlord has started Possessions Proceedings, you may be unsure of how to proceed and what is required of you. We can advise you how best to proceed and the timeframe you are expected to respond in.

All types of notices to be received i.e. s.8 and s.21 notices;

We can provide expert advice and guidance at every step of the renting process, as well as ensuring that your landlord abides by all the relevant regulations and gives you enough notice.

Unlawful eviction claims against the Landlord;

If you believe that you your landlord is trying to unlawfully evict you – by failing to give you enough notice, exaggerating claims of misconduct, etc. – we can help you mount a defence and ensure you are treated fairly.

Defending injunction applications for anti-social behaviour;

If your landlord is trying (or has tried) to get an injunction for anti-social behaviour, we can help you defend against the injunction and protect your legal and personal rights.

Housing disrepair claims;

If your accommodation is in a poor state of repair (such as broken furniture, damp, malfunctioning appliances, etc.) and your landlord is not taking appropriate actions to fix it, we can help you make a housing disrepair claim.

Injury and illness claims against your landlord resulting from disrepairs;

If you have suffered injury or illness from disrepairs in your property – such as cold-related illnesses from broken heating, or cuts from uneven surfaces, etc. – we can help you get the help you need and the compensation you deserve.

Challenging Status of Tenancy agreements;

If you want to change the terms of your tenancy agreement, negotiate for an extension or challenge the status, our experienced property solicitors can help you work towards the best arrangement for your individual situation.