Islamic Wills

Islamic Wills

“It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequest not to let two nights pass without writing a will about it.”

(Sahih al-Bukhari)

Having a Last Will and Testament that reflects your wishes and is legally binding under both UK law and Shari’a is essential for all devout, prudent British Muslims. It is not enough to write a declaration of how to divide your estate after death; it must also be valid under UK law so that your executors can distribute your estate properly.

If you die without a Will that is valid under UK Law, you are deemed to have died ‘intestate’ and your estate – savings, property, belongings investments, etc. – will be divided under Intestacy Rules. Unfortunately for devout Muslims, intestacy rules in the UK apply different criteria to those laid down by the Shari’a, and any Islamic wills need to respect UK law to be recognised as valid.

If you’d like to learn more about Intestacy Rules or how to write a legally binding Will, please see our Making a Will page – this section is strictly for Islamic Wills.

Knightsbridge Solicitors are an established firm with years of experience in Will and Probate law and a specialist Islamic Will team. We can help you write and ratify a will that is valid under UK law and in keeping with the principles of Shari’a.

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