General Practice and Community Health

General Practice and Community Health

GPs and community health care professionals are an essential part of the National Health Service, as they are the first port of call for most people. Importantly, they are often gatekeepers for further medical aid and command significant trust and authority. As such, it can feel incredibly personal when they fail in their duty of care and cause you health problems.

These services not only include general practice but also community health services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, district nursing and community midwifery to name a few.

Whilst these community services are invaluable for meeting your healthcare needs, they are open to human error which can have significant implications for your ongoing health.

You may receive incorrect advice, wrong treatment, misdiagnosis or a failure to refer on. We will do our utmost to investigate your case and get you the compensation you deserve if a health care professional has acted in a manner which fell below the standard expected.

We understand that your situation may have caused you distress and anxiety and we will do our best to provide effective and empathetic legal advice and guidance. Please Contact Us to see how we can help today.