What are your fees? We consider both public funded (Legal Aid) and privately funded matters and will immediately advise you on the options available. At Knightsbridge Solicitors, our fee structure is designed to be competitive and flexible for all needs. We strive to achieve a balance of high-quality legal services at affordable rates without compromising our high standards of service.

What is Legal Aid? Legal Aid is available for criminal matters to help those who cannot afford to pay for advice. To apply for Legal Aid, we would have to consider your income, savings and – if relevant – your spouse/partner’s income and savings. The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) will take into account not only your Financial Eligibility, but also if it is in the Interests of Justice for you to have legal representation (Legal Merits test). Click here to learn more about Legal Aid.

What are your rates? Because of the variable nature of our cases, we advise clients to contact us directly for questions about our fees. Unless a fixed fee has been agreed, the value of our service is based on the time we spend on a case and the expertise of our lawyers. Hourly rates vary according to the expertise of our lawyers, the area of work involved and includes all necessary legal work and the time spent in dealing with your affairs.

Why choose us? At Knightsbridge Solicitors we always offer you an initial consultation FREE of charge. If we are unable to assist with your case, we will try to locate a firm that can help.

For Advice and Support please call 0115 824 1700 or Leave us a Message